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23 April 2010

Late Night Musings

photo by Viviana Guzman

Words are representations of energy. Change the words and you can change the energy behind your make up and influence your world. This is the key to existence. Yes, there is some destiny involved in living, but I believe that 50% is the creative application of the forces at hand. One must learn to employ the positive representation of all disposable energies in order to move up through the higher vibrations. The highest of them being pure light and love. This is the goal to be achieved within the living body where things are much more dense, thick and more challenging to turn to light. But the more you learn to work with this sort of energy, the more magical your life will appear. You then become co-creators with spirit to enable the highest good of all concerned. This is where life appears magical. This is where life is joyful, blissful, full of serenity, joy and love. This is the goal of all.