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17 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Whew!  Just finished the first performance here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011 where I performed with pianist Amy Abler.  I flew in yesterday I was happily welcomed first by a Bagpiper named Neil MacLure and a light rain.  I had a quick dinner and ran off to rehearse with Amy in the flat where she was staying.  I didn’t get back to my hotel until very late and fell into bed as I was more than dead.  Today, there were so many set backs as it was one of those days.  All my equipment was out of juice as the hotel had warned me that I needed a converter and not an adaptor for my computer, cell phone and speakers.  As a result, everything went dead after the first 24 hours here.  Luckily, the guy at the electronic shop called Curry’s (yeah, I thought it was an indian restaurant, too) said that computers and cell phones and most newer appliances are built ready to be used globally.  He reassured me that I wouldn’t have any problem using an adaptor and that I didn’t have to buy a converter.  He was right!  It started off a beautiful but nippy day, but towards the mid afternoon, the rains blew in.  I was worried no one would show up for the concert as people tend to stay at home and settle for a night in watching TV when it rains.  But luckily I had a reallynice turnout.

photo: Viviana Guzman

Edinburgh Castle

I really love this place.  I have visited a few times now and each time I grow more and more fond of it.  The buildings are majestic and practically scream their history as one walks by.  The evening skies have been cobalt blue hues with the penetrating full moon lovingly illuminating the buildings casting picturesque historical snapshots of former centuries.  The streets are clean and the castle reigns dignified on it’s vigil on top of The Mound in the center of towne.  This 12th century fortress commands expansive vistas overlooking Princes Street (where my venue and hotel are located) and Royal Mile.  I feel incredibly thankful to be visiting such an impressive city, and even more, to be performing in it!


Edinburgh panoramic, view from the castle