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18 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe part 2

Lovely Korean dancers busking in the streets of Edinburgh

I did it!  I had been wanting to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since my Juilliard days.  Well folks, I finally did it.  And boy what an event!  Today alone I saw a poetry reading, a singer/songwriter, a Persian music concert, had a photo shoot with Laleh, played my concert and then saw a comedy/accordionist (it was my first instrument), Liz Skitch’s “Skitch-Tease”.  WOW!!!  This has been truly memorable and exciting.  There is so much wonderful busking on every street corner, too.  It’s such a thrill just walking and listening to all the different global talents that congregate in this wonderful city.  I get so inspired watching other great performers in action.  I was thrilled with my well attended concerts and my audience response was fantastic.  I met so many lovely people and playing with Amy Abler (within music and at the pub) is always a blast.  Thanks also for these lovely fellows who graciously posed for a picture with us at the pub on my last night in Edinburgh.  Memorable.  Truly fantastic.  All of it!!!!

Laleh my photographer in Edinburgh

with David, Guido and Liz Skitch at the pub