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28 November 2011

Welcome to! interview with Paula Robison

I was scheduled to perform in Charlotte, NC at the National Flute Association Convention on Thursday.  My next concert was in Edinburgh, Scotland the following week.  Rather than going all the way home to San Francisco, I decided to come up with a small project that would keep me busy during the NFA week.  Ahhhh… that small project turned into a rather LARGE project… Ta Daaa!!  Welcome to


I decided to take the opportunity to interview various flutists at the convention.  I throught I would create a new website where people could watch and hear advice from today’s leading Flute Stars.


As of the time of this posting, I have uploaded the following wonderful interviews:  Greg Pattillo, Paula Robison, Carol Wincenc, Robert Dick, Brad Garner, Fluterscooter, Nicole Esposito.  Coming up you will find Trevor Wye, Alexa Still, Jimmy Walker, Katherine Kemler, Christina Jennings, Lisa Schroeder, Annie Wu, and a few wonderful surprises, too.


Whew!  It has become quite the project involving loads of time and several trips to my awesome webmistress Linda Shum’s house (check out to fix different frustrating issues.  I have learned so much from this whole process.  All in all, it has been very rewarding, even if highly labor intensive.


I hope you will feel inspired to visit often, or even subscribe in iTunes here.  Be sure to rate and leave a comment!