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12 December 2011

10 Holiday Flute Gift Ideas for the Flutist in Your Life


Viviana Guzman proud owner of a Fluterscooter Bag

1.  Gift the sensational Fluterscooter Flute Bag!


2.  Gift a Skype Lesson or Business of Music Internet Coaching via PayPal from the following:  a) Viviana Guzman twitter@FluteQueen, b) Lisa Schroeder twitter@SchroederFlute, c) Alexis Del Palazzo twitter@sensibleflutist

Bettine Clemen-Ware


3.  Gift a flute repair session, always necessary!  a) Anne Pollack in NYC.  Her website is Your Fluteworks  b) Lori Lee in San Francisco c) Joan Sparks’ Flute Pro Shop in Willmington, DE


4.  Gift Flute Holiday Music:  a) Bettine Clemen-Ware’s  Angel’s Noel  b) Fluterscooter’s Holiday Treasures


Greg Pattillo's 3 Beats for Beatbox Flute

5.  Gift original music by our favorite flutists:  a) Gary Schocker I found a Sheet Music Plus page with several of his charming works here  b) Greg Pattillo released his 3 Beats for Beatbox flutes this year and can be ordered here.  


Gary Schocker will be performing at the SF Flute Festival 2012

6.  Add to the flute collection by gifting exotic ethnic flutes:  a) For a Native American Indian Flute, the best quality for a good price, I think are Odel Borg’s High Spirits Flutes,  b) For Bansuri Flutes check out the  Joshua Geisler Bansuri Flute  c) Purchase a Penny whistle at your local music store usually for under $20.


Christina Jennings will be performing at the SF Flute Festival 2012

7.  For the budding toddler flutist, gift Barbara Siesel’s Green Golly and Her Golden Flute CD.  Charming, original, and perfect stories for your little ones set to the beautiful flute playing of Barbara Siesel.  Listen to sound samples and order from CD Baby here.  My 4 year old niece loves this recording!


8.  Books written by flutists:  a) Book of poetry, Love Soliloquies by Viviana Guzman  b)  Practice Books by Trevor Wye  c) Scale Studies by Meerenai Shim

Paula Robison


9.  Gift Favorite Flute Recordings:  a) Paula Robison (her album, “The Holy Land” is my personal favorite) Preview it here.  b) Check out the Italian Artful Mastery of Mario Caroli’s discography here  c) Take a listen to Christina Jennings’ beautiful records on Amazon here d) For Gary Schocker’s Amazon discography click here.  e) Order my own Viviana Guzman Classical, Latin, Flamenco, Meditation and Tango CD’s from Amazon here.  FYI, Mario Caroli, Gary Schocker, Christina Jennings and I will be performing at the San Francisco Flute Festival on June 16 & 17, 2012!  


Viviana Guzman will be performing at the SF Flute Festival 2012

10.  A Golden Gift Opportunity:  24K Altus Handmade Flute.  As price of gold continues to rise, investing in a golden flute would seem to be a wonderful investment.  The 24K Altus Flute is a gem with soaring sounds from the warm high register and lush low register.  A golden opportunity indeed!  Visit  

Trevor Wye is an Altus Artist



Mario Caroli will be performing at the SF Flute Festival 2012