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08 February 2012

Your Birthday

Sand Kisses photo by Viviana Guzman


It was a brisk bright spring day

as we headed for a quiet spot near our ocean,

surrounded by mustard, 

you crunched your chips

and I devoured my lettuce.

After satisfying the hunger,

I made my nest next to you

and curled up under the warm sun

with you as my blanket of protection.

Your infinite eyes were eager to move

so we continued to the natural bridges

where the butterflies danced in the wind.

 We swirled through the spellbinding forests,

darted across mountain tops,

with the wind in our faces, smiling, dreaming,

frolicking through exceptional vistas.

It was our day…

Your day…

then again,

every day

is an enchanting day…

as long as it is a day

that includes

y  o  u 


by Viviana Guzman