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28 December 2012

Rome. Venice.

How can you say no to Italy???  Certainly not I.  Whenever my agent offers me Italy, I have to accept.  The Roman streets were were sultry in the balmy summer air.  Can you believe I even encountered a flute playing afar whist I was dinning??  I followed the delicious sounds down the dark alleys and found myself witnessing a Flute and Piano Recital amongst the Ancient Roman Ruins.  How delightful!!  I wan’t able to find out the name of this wonderful artist.  I tried to find this flutist on Facebook unsuccessfully.  He will never know how much I appreciated having found him performing in this romantic and historic setting.  Someday I hope to return and present a recital in this very place.

Venice is always so splendid, magnificent, perennial.  I always feel like I’m in a living version of Romeo and Juliet in Venice.  It’s just so darn romantic.  Someday I hope to visit with my lover….

Viviana Guzman Photography: