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28 December 2012

San Francisco Flute Festival

I started the San Francisco Flute Festival for several reasons.  First, I had been so impressed by the way Matej Zupan and Salvatore Lombardi ran their flute festivals in Slovenia and Milan respectively, that I thought someday I would like to return the favor and ask them to come to San Francisco to perform for us.  I’m feeling more and more called to start looking for reasons to keep me more at home rather than touring 95% of the time like I used to.

So in 2010, I decided to embark on producing the 1st San Francisco Flute Festival.  I invited Matej Zupan (Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra) as well as Bulent Evcil (Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra), Timothy Day (San Francisco Symphony) and Robin McKee (San Francisco Symphony) to join us in our inaugural event.   We held it in an oceanfront venue near my house in Half Moon Bay which was both charming and inspiring.

The event turned out to be so successful that we were thrilled to be able to launch the 2nd San Francisco Flute Festival this year, this time presented at the San Francisco Conservatory near the Civic Center in downtown San Francisco.  Our guest artists included Gary Schocker, Mario Caroli, Christina Jennings, Nicole Esposito, Linda Lukas (San Francisco Symphony) 6 flute choirs, and San Francisco local flutists Areon Flutes, Carol Alban, Rebecca Kleinmann, Lars Johannesson, Pamela Ravenelle, Teresa Orozco, Gail Edwards, Ai Goldsmith.

The event would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of our Corporate Members, Linda Shum, Diane Sangster and the amazing Sue Rupp whose attention to detail and diligent work help launch us from a one day festival to a two day festival.  We had twice as many participants and attendees and loads of fun was had by all.

Viviana Guzman and Gary Schocker play Schocker [youtube][/youtube]

Mario Caroli plays Bach [youtube][/youtube]

Just Another Flutist, Joanna Tse’s review of the SF Flute Festival [youtube][/youtube]

Christina Jennings plays Caprice Variations [youtube][/youtube]

Nicole Esposito plays FLASH [youtube][/youtube]