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30 December 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

After Bali, we continued onto Bangkok, Thailand as I had a few recitals and a masterclass with the Chilean pianist, Mahani Teave.  First we played a recital for the Yamaha Music School.  We also performed for various Ambassadors at the boutique and recently opened  The Siam Hotel.  Our final performance was at the Sukhomvit Sheraton Hotel.  Since I have so many body issues, one of the main reasons I love Asia (and specifically Bali and Thailand) so much is that I can actually afford to pay for daily massages in these places, often for 3 to 5 hours!!  Even after 5 days in Bangkok, I felt like it wasn’t enough.  In fact I was left thirsting for more of ALL the places we were about to visit in this Grand Asia Tour.

Guarda con la Banquina (Milonga) // Viviana Guzman - Argentine Music
  1. Guarda con la Banquina (Milonga) // Viviana Guzman - Argentine Music
  2. Mozart Flute Quartet (Classical) // Viviana Guzman - Mozart Flute Quartet
  3. Sea of Cortez (World) // Viviana Guzman - Song of the Whale
  4. Cartagenera (Latin) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO
  5. La Cumparsita (Tango) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO
  6. Teleman Fantasie (Classical) // Multi Genre Playlist