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03 January 2013


At 5am the next morning, we were sad to leave Kuala Lumpur.  Actually, we really hated leaving every place as it was simply too short for us to stop for only 3 to 4 days in each location.  In Singapore we were greeted by Macarena and Mr. Philip the driver.  They generously presented us with lovely tours of the city and made sure we were well fed.  Singapore is a very safe place established by Lee Kuan Yew in 1965.  Singapore used to be part of Malaysia, but it seceded and became it’s own independent nation state.  It is VERY impressive what Singapore has become.  In only 30 years, Singapore established itself as one of the top ranking nations in Asia as well as in the world with a very high standard of living.  The streets are safe and very clean (chewing gum is not allowed by law, for example).

I remember on a previous visit to Singapore I left my hand carry luggage in the lobby of my hotel.  I left for the airport and just before arriving at the airport I realized that I didn’t have my hand carry luggage.  I panicked!!!  Of course, after living in New York city for so many years, where if this had happened there, I would have lost my flute, my computer, my everything.  But because I was in this magnificent country that is Singapore, when I arrived back at the hotel, my hand carry luggage was still sitting there right where I had left it 2 hours prior.  AMAZING!!!!!

We stayed at the Ambassador of Chile in Singapore’s Residence.  He and his staff were amazingly hospitable and generous with their time, taking time out of their own day to take us sightseeing and driving us around the city.  I presented a Masterclass and met some wonderful new friends, Dorin, Mark, Teg and Meri with whom we shared a lovely dinner afterwards.  Our rehearsals where at the Esplanade overlooking the marvelous Ship Building.  Our concert was at the historic Raffles Hotel which is famous for it’s Singapore Slings.  And my Flute Masterclass was sponsored by Altus Flutes and hosted by Teg.  After the informal class, we all went out for a delicious dinner.  After the concert, each one of my students presented me with wonderful gifts and flowers.  Singaporians are so generous and hospitable!


Singapore Program

Singapore Program