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08 January 2013

Tokyo, Japan

We were so sad to leave Hanoi but were so happy to be received once again in the Residence of the Ambassador of Chile in Tokyo, Mr. and Mrs. Patricio Torres.  Here we were met by Patricio Becker the second in command at the Embassy of Chile in Japan and who is the twin brother of the Ambassador of Chile to Bangkok.  We had no doubts when we arrived spotting him.  In Tokyo, Keiko-san took me to the Conservatory where I sat in on a lesson given by the flute professor.  In the recital we performed to another full house, sponsored by Mitsui of Japan.  The following day the Ambassador, Patricio Torres and his lovely wife, Cecilia, showed us the sights on Tokyo, The Royal Palace, Ginza and then we were invited to an exclusive dinner at an empresario’s home.  About 30 businessmen were in attendance.  After dinner, in true Geisha style, we ladies were invited to perform for the businessmen.  It was a unique and special event, and in typical Japanese style.  Nothing compares to the respect and beauty of the Japanese people.  They are so gracious and noble.  The city is impeccable.  Most of all, I love the taxi drivers in their spotless taxi’s wearing those spotless white gloves.  Japan has beautifully preserved their traditions without too much western influence.  It’s always a pleasure to return to Japan and visit with it’s people.

Recital Poster in Tokyo, Japan