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07 May 2013

Classical: Traveling Sonata

Traveling coverGRAMMY NOMINATED ABLUM!  Featuring guitarist Jeremy Jouve, this CD features European music for flute and guitar.  Recorded with the Grammy winning engineer Keith O. Johnson for Reference Recordings at Skywalker Sound Studios.


An adventurous program of European masterworks for flute and guitar, from scintillating young artists VIVIANA GUZMÁN and JEREMY JOUVE. Their outstanding performances have been captured brilliantly by Grammy®-winning recording engineer Keith O. Johnson. A winner for all audiophiles and music lovers! This album is a musical journey full of emotion, from the soothing and mellow music of Faure and Satie to the driving excitement of “Bolero” and “Carmen,” to the thrilling modern music of Dyens, Duplessy and Ourkouzounov

“Chilean-born flutist Viviana Guzman and French guitarist Jeremy Jouve present a rewarding disc, full of beautiful music, performed with care and affection. The programme combines a few transcriptions of classical pieces with new works that are attractive and merit attention… The recording quality is very good, setting a good balance between the two instruments and catching their voices clearly.” –Oleg Ledeniov,

“The first six tracks present some of the best-loved works from France…The artistry of Guzman and Jouve are palpable and a delight to experience…While the well-known tracks are very pleasing, I found the newer works for flute and guitar especially exciting.” –Tess Miller, Flutist Quarterly


Traveling Back

Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies