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03 September 2013

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass 2013

1006249_10151705235664578_1296935591_nFrom the moment I chose Half Moon Bay, CA as my residence, I knew I wanted to host Flute Events on the coast.  Half Moon Bay is a little treasure with the murmuring ocean, the thriving city of San Francisco, the affluent Silicon Valley and busy SFO airport, all within an hour’s drive.  In addition, the California coast is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and so much resembles my home country, Chile’s coastline.  After being based out of here for 16 years whilst touring extensively, I decided I needed to find more of a balance between being at home and being on the road.  Launching Flutes by the Sea Masterclass was one of my ventures while trying to attain my goal.


1005098_10151661658147239_1279909493_nI felt so honored when International Recording and Touring Artist, Carol Wincenc, accepted my invitation to come teach the course with me.  Additionally, our Flute Stars Concert featured Fluterscooter, Jane Lenoir, Janelle Barrera, Barbara Siesel & Keith Torgan of Green Golly and Kris Palmer.  We had the wonderful participation of the following Flute Choirs:  Magic Flutes, Pamela Ravenelle, Director; Bel Canto Flutes, Gail Edwards, Director;  Crowden Summer Music School Flute Choir, Laura Scarlata, Director;  The Orioles, Gala Yaroshevsky, Director;  Flutes by the Sea Flute Choir, Janelle Barrera, Director.  And the whole event was generously sponsored by Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Altus Flutes, Lori Lee Flute Repair, Bernhard Hammig Flutes, West Valley Music, Gary Lewis Flutes.


998337_10201186366688768_315378968_nThe goal behind Flutes by the Sea Masterclass was to present a supportive cadre of talents from across the world.  Stemming from the belief that we can learn something from everyone, FBTS was designed for students to learn from each other, for flute choirs to share with each other, and for the performers at the evening concerts, to shine the best possible light.


The Flutes by the Sea Masterclass commenced with a sublime performance of the Magic Flutes Orchestra, directed by Pamela Ravenelle, featuring works by Mozart, Debussy and de Falla.  They graciously invited me to play the Mozart Flute Concerto in G Major, Andante with them.


1002113_10151708955734578_1247304819_nSome of the unique offerings at Flute by the Sea were “Meditation for Performers” Class which took place alongside the gentle lull of the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  Another unique component were the Business of Music Lectures which were delivered by our flute vendors.  We were even presented with the opportunity to participate in the locally shot documentary film, “Sunset Piano” with will be released next year.


935003_10151709674169578_1913375701_nI offered the morning classes and International Flute Soloist and Juilliard Professor, Carol Wincenc, taught the afternoon classes.  There was a Flute Market every day which featured a different Flute Vendor:  Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Altus Flutes, Bernhard Hammig Flutes, Gary Lewis Flutes, Green Golly Project, Fluterscooter, Lori Lee Flute Repair, West Valley Music and Joy of Music.


FBTS3The evening concerts commenced every evening at 7pm which opened with a Flute Choir:  Magic Flutes (Pamela Ravenelle), Crowden Summer Flute Choir (Laura Scarlata), Xtreme Flutes (Pamela Ravenelle), The Oriole Flute Choir (Gala Yaroshevsky), Bel Canto Flutes (Gail Edwards) and Flutes by the Sea Flute Choir (Janelle Barrera).


Special evening performances featured the Guest Artists:  Carol Wincenc, Viviana Guzman, Barbara Siesel, Fluter Scooter, Janelle Barrera, Kris Palmer, Jane Lenoir, accompanied by pianists: Frank Levy, Mahani Teave and Dmitriy Cogan.


1003133_10201664278875758_217549672_nThe 100+ participants included ages 6 to 76 and represented Singapore, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles and even Easter Island!  Best of all was the terrific sense of camaraderie that developed between all who participated.  It is with the spirit that as a Group We Are Stronger that FBTS was created.  And it is with this same goal that it will continue.

Flutes by the Sea photo: Lars Howlett

Flutes by the Sea
photo: Lars Howlett


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