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08 March 2015

World: Byzantium by Viviana


world music, ladino music, ethno-techno, hooka lounge, electronica

This album was started in Budapest, compiled in Istanbul and finished on Easter Island. This album fuses classical, world music and electronic beats to create a sound that is cinematic and soundtrack quality. The album is Down Tempo Techno Tribal, where R. Carlos Nakai meets Enya.


Song Titles:

7th Veil (remix Ladino Express) 3:13

Native Soul 3:12

Byzantium 3:56

Ditze Diva 3:52

Sultan’s Daughter 2:55


Songwriter for all songs:  Viviana Guzman
Publisher:  Syren Records
Producer:  Viviana Guzman
©Syren Productions :: ::

Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies