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07 June 2016

Dixon, California

Viviana Guzman Flute Class in Dixon

Viviana Guzman Flute Class in Dixon

I had a great time teaching the 40 or so fluties that came out to my Masterclass at Dixon High School.  I really love teaching.  I also was in for a big treat playing with the Dixon Wind Ensemble.  I had never played with a wind ensemble before, so it was a welcomed opportunity.  That particular Sunday was intense.  I started the day going to the gym, riding the bike for an hour, doing my pilates, and then swimming for 30 minutes.  I went to Belmont to rehearse and conduct the PYO Flute Choir, then I ran to Foster City to play a children’s concert at the Foster City Community Center, after which, I drove 2 hours just in time to make it to an 8pm rehearsal with the Dixon Wind Ensemble (whew!).  I really enjoyed staying at the nice hotel .  This always makes a huge difference to me.  The following day was the concert.  I was thrilled to have played everything memorized and to have enjoyed the whole experience so much.  I love it when I am greeted with a long line of people after a concert, all wanting my autograph and pictures.  I’m such a Leo!  The Director, Adrian Coulson (also a Leo), did a fantastic job with his group and I applaud him for bringing in different Guest Artists every year.  The bonus  treat for me that evening was meeting Adrian’s mother, Mrs. Joan Coulson, who is a lovely, elegant and entertaining lady and most supportive of her son’s adventurous programming…. that would be me.  HA!

Viviana in Dixon

Viviana in Dixon, photo: NBrown Photography


Viviana with Adrian & Joan Coulson

Viviana with Adrian & Joan Coulson, photo: NBrown Photography