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26 December 2016

Hawaii 2016

The best part of my job continues to be the fact that I get to travel extensively.  I get such a high out of both traveling and performing and I feel so lucky to be able to do a lot of BOTH!  After NFA, my flute brought me to Honolulu where I picked up the ukulele!  I performed Tiny Bubbles accompanying a singer with my ukulele.  It was awesome!  Once home, I ordered one and I plan to bring it with me on my next trip to Hawaii next month.

Hawaii Viviana & ukulele

Sea of Cortez (World) // Viviana Guzman - Song of the Whale
  1. Sea of Cortez (World) // Viviana Guzman - Song of the Whale
  2. Mozart Flute Quartet (Classical) // Viviana Guzman - Mozart Flute Quartet
  3. Telemann Fantasie (Classical) // Multi Genre Playlist
  4. Guarda con la Banquina (Milonga) // Viviana Guzman - Argentine Music
  5. La Cumparsita (Tango) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO
  6. Cartagenera (Latin) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO