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09 March 2019

Concerts in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala & Costa Rica

I’m catching an early flight tomorrow morning and embarking on a three week tour of South America.  My time on tour is my time to practice, meditate, write, go to the gym, swim in the ocean, compose and arrange.  I welcome these precious days sprinkled with concerts every 5 to 7 days.

Here is a poem I wrote during my last tour:

Trujillo, Peru

Desert heatwave

As if unchained

Beige were the answer,

Disembarking on the

Edges of Trujillo,

Breathing the traces

Of my lost wallet

Faced with corruption,

Malice and Greed….

Always embracing the

Ever present Sanctuaries

On the lavish shores of Peru.

Viviana Guzman


Every two weeks, since the release of my flute cover album, “Let There Be Flute”, I have been unveiling all the videos I filmed with Film Director, Beatrix Molnar, and Producer. JSP Izimali SPA, last year throughout Chile.  At the same time I have been uploading classical videos, too.  Check out the different the links below.  Thanks so much for reading. See you in April!