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24 March 2020

Viviana’s Virtual Flute Choir

Since I wanted to keep my flutists practicing during our quarantine, I came up with a Virtual Flute Choir solution for my students from the Peninsula Youth Symphony Orchestra.  I thought this way they would practice their parts as they would have to create and upload a video of themselves playing.  It would also provided me with a way to hear them all individually to see how everyone was doing.  Well, after I uploaded the video last night, I have had countless messages asking, How Did You Do That?

Sooooo, here you go!

A) I started by recording a “click” track to use a foundation. As I have a Mac, I used Logic to make the recording, but really, any recording software should work.

B) Next I sent the track to all my students asking them to record themselves playing while listening to the track I had provided.  I asked them to upload their videos to my Google Drive.

C) Then came the hardest part:  putting everything together.  For this I used Final Cut Pro (Windows users can use Adobe Premiere).  I have been using FCPX for years as it is what I use to edit my videos, but you can probably also use iMovie.

Aaaaaand, that’s it!

I wish you good luck with it.  I look forward to seeing your videos!