11 December 2014

Muramatsu Flute For Sale

Professional, 9K Muramatsu Flute For Sale! French keys (in-line), drawn tone holes, B-foot flute from  the 1980’s in excellent condition. Asking $8,500 USD.  Email:    
07 December 2014

The FREE Viviana Guzman Mobile App

The official FREE Viviana Guzman Mobile App is available for download on iTunes and Android.  Listen to tracks, see pictures, check out bio, follow my schedule, etc.  Download NOW!  
01 December 2014

Recital in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Immediately after landing in Tokyo, pianist Mahani Teave and I were met by the Chilean Embassy in Japan, Patricio Becker at the airport. He hospitably greeted us and took us to our hotel, The... Read More
25 October 2014

Byzantium On The GRAMMY Ballot

I am happy to announce (as I only just found out) that my World Music Album BYZANTIUM is on the ballot list for the 57th GRAMMY Awards. This album was started in Budapest, compiled in... Read More
18 June 2014

Calaveras County, Mexico & TEDxTalk

Tours to the Gold Country and Mexico   It is always with great pleasure that I accept performance opportunities in California’s Gold Country.  For me, it is like stepping back in time.  I enjoy staying... Read More
06 June 2014

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass & Concerts

Flutes by the Sea Masterclass & Concerts    I was born on the ocean.  I live on the ocean.  I work on the ocean.  It’s no surprise that The Flutes by the Sea Masterclass would... Read More
09 April 2014

Flute Moments in Taiwan and Philippines

Bullet train from Taichung to Taipei I played my concert last night at the Tunghai University in Taichung. I had a marvelous time listening to all the students, sharing with them and exchanging smiles, bows... Read More
Telemann Fantasie (Classical) // Multi Genre Playlist
  1. Telemann Fantasie (Classical) // Multi Genre Playlist
  2. Guarda con la Banquina (Milonga) // Viviana Guzman - Argentine Music
  3. La Cumparsita (Tango) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO
  4. Mozart Flute Quartet (Classical) // Viviana Guzman - Mozart Flute Quartet
  5. Sea of Cortez (World) // Viviana Guzman - Song of the Whale
  6. Cartagenera (Latin) // Viviana Guzman - Mostly TANGO