Meditations for Performers

Guided Meditations and Affirmations specifically designed for performers. Do you experience Stage Fright before or during a performance? Are you avoiding getting on stage because... Read More
March 2015

World: Danza de Amor

From the fiery Rhumbas of Spain to the sultry Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Caribbean, Danza de Amor will take you on a passionate journey throughout exotic world cultures. buynow_btn_greenFestival of Four - Danza de Amor
July 2009

World: National Geographic Serenity

Serenity - Songs of Peace and Enlightenment - Sounds have always been integral to reaching serenity and inner peace. Serenity includes traditional and non-traditional songs from cultures with an array of meditative philosophies, from Chile to Japan to Spain and beyond. buynow_btn_greenViviana Guzman - National Geographic: Serenity - Songs of Peace and Enlightenment
July 2009