Viviana Guzman Music Video

A World Music project in San Francisco, CA by Viviana Guzman

After performing classical and diverse types of world music with symphonies and dynamite small ensembles in 118 countries, recording several CD’s and enjoying the gradual and consistent growth and international reputation these projects have fostered, I now crave the opportunity to produce a stunning music video featuring one of my own compositions.

This idea is a slight departure from my traditional classical self. My World/Electronica CD (featuring some of the world flutes that I have gathered from my travels) is scheduled to be released Fall of 2011 and I’d love to launch it with this fabulous visual poem that we’re excited to film. After seeing Ron Frick’s epic film Baraka, I felt inspired to film in various parts of the world a similar sort of compilation of music videos featuring my music and showcasing my performances. This video would be the inaugural piece of this larger project.

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