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Now offering Internet (Skype or Facetime)

1) Flute Lessons

2) Business of Music Coachings

3) Life Mentoring sessions

If you are interested in having an internet lesson or phone consult, please email me via the contact page to set up a time. Currently I have students in Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, Houston, Austin, Istanbul and St. Louis. It does not matter where you live, all you need is a computer and a fast connection speed.

For Skype or FaceTime Lessons I charge as follows:


One Hour – Sliding Scale $149-$99


Half an Hour – Sliding Scale $75-$49


For quick specific issues, I could offer a special 15 minute consult for $25-$49 Sliding Scale. You choose how much to pay at the end of the consult.


Musicians, I am happy to give advice and feedback on your music, audio/video production, talk about your goals, school, your future path…. or flutists, we can have a “normal” ‘ole flute lesson. Non-musicians, I also offer Life Coaching or Mentoring sessions, for personal and professional empowerment.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Pay for an internet lesson now!

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