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16 August 2011

National Flute Convention

Convention Center in Charlotte

Have you ever woken up in the morning, exhausted?  I knew I had slept enough, yet this morning my feet were still pulsating and my head was slightly throbbing after the sensational weekend at the National Flute Association Convention in Charlotte, NC.   I flew out to perform on Thursday and since I was continuing on to Edinburgh on Monday, I decided to make the best use of my time Thursday through Sunday, by creating a delightful but demanding new project for myself.  I set out to interview the convention’s top flutists!  Initially I didn’t think it would be such a demanding project to embark on, but when you add on rehearsing, performing, catching up with old friends, attending concerts, and looking for the perfect head joint, it turned in to quite an exhaustive venture of 16 hour days and very little sleep.  The end result is that I feel thrilled with all the material I gathered for my new website (going live in September) and was especially happy to visit and connect and hear my beautiful fellow flute friends of which a small list would include Rhonda Larson, Paula Robison, Christina Jennings, Greg Pattillo, Jim Walker, Carol Wincenc, Robert Dick, Trevor Wye, etc.  I wanted to take this opportunity to mention a wonderful new resource to find flutists called created by Terri Sanchez.  Off to Edinburgh, Scotland now!  Weeeeeeee!!!!