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15 December 2011

From Canary Islands, Spain to Salvador, Brazil

Viviana in Canary Islands, Spain

It was a loooong trip:  San Francisco, London, Madrid, Canary Islands.  But what a pleasant surprise when I checked into the luxurious 5 star hotel!  The Santa Catalina is a historic 1890 hotel right on the port.  In the lobby of my exquisite hotel, the pianist played campy Spanish bullfighting music while foreign languages dissipated like smoke from every table.  The balmy Canary Island evening breeze caressed my face whilst I ate a magnificent meal in the terrace restaurant with the former Ambassador of Ghana in the United States that I met in the elevator.  I felt like I was in a James Bond movie!

The orchestra I played with was very good.  It was nice to see some familiar faces.  I got a standing ovation after performing for 2,000 people, yes!  This always puts a huge satisfying grin on my face.

Next was Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.  I wish all my audiences were Brazilian audiences!!!  WOW!!!!  What energy!  What enthusiasm!  What love of life!  The most supportive audiences of the world are the Brazilian audience, hands down!!  There is nothing more satisfying that performing for Brazilian and feeling the audience love in their standing ovation and cheers.  Thank you Brazil!!!  Watch the Brazilian audience response in this video: