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28 December 2012

Festival of Four

At the beginning of the year I did a tour with my quartet, Festival of 4.  We had concerts in Fort Walton, Florida and Biloxi, Mississippi where I also presented a Flute Masterclass at the Northwest Florida State College in Niceville, FL.  The South is pleasant at that time of year as the weather is crisp and fresh.  We had very enthusiastic audiences who gave us standing ovations and insisted we return soon.  I really enjoyed presenting the Masterclass at the Northwest Florida State College.  The Flute Professor there, Robin Horne, was especially gracious to have organized the class so quickly and to have had so many people in attendance despite the cold and rainy weather.

Festival of 4 then flew back West Coast where we played at the Rabobank Theater in Bakersfield, CA where Kid Rock had performed just days prior to us in the 3,000 seat theater.  We managed to pull in a sizable audience of about 2,000 and again received a standing ovation and sold loads of CDs.  I presented another Masterclass at the University of California, Bakersfield sponsored by Altus Flutes and generously co-ordinated by Audrey Boyle.

Festival of Four Promotional Video [youtube][/youtube]

Festival of Four Short Promotional Video [youtube][/youtube]