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29 December 2012

Mendoza, Argentina & Santiago, Chile

I took off my Wedding Dress and popped on my Performance Sequins as I flew back onto my next destinations which were three recitals and a Masterclass in Mendoza, Argentina.  I flew into Santiago, Chile, and traveled by bus over the colossal Andes Mountains, through the tallest mountain in South America, the Aconcagua, and arrived on the other side in Mendoza, Argentina.  This time I was participating in the Flutes of the World Festival.  As through the years I have collected about 100 world flutes from my travels around the world, I fit right into this festival which featured all sorts of ethnic flutes.  I hung out and partied every night with the wonderful Christine Earlander Beard and Tomm Roland and felt very grateful to have met Pablo Salcedo and all his wonderful friends.  We had a blast at this festival, so exotic with all the unique flute sounds from deep in the Amazon, the Andes, Venezuela and Colombia.

Next on my agenda was presenting a Masterclass at the Escuela Moderna in Santiago, Chile, sponsored by Altus Flutes.  I was able to visit with long time flutist friend, Hernan Jara, as well as with my family in Santiago which is always a welcomed thing.

At the World Flutes Festival in Mendoza, Argentina with Tomm Roland