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30 December 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our next stop was Kuala Lumpur.  We were graciously invited to stay at the Ambassador of Chile’s Residence which over looked the famous Petrona Towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur.  What a treat it was to visit my official 120th country!!  The Moslem influence is very visible in this glorious country.  Mahani and I visited a Mosque where we had to cover up completely in a pink overcoat with a hood.  I felt like a nun.  I was humbled by the beauty of the magnificent mosque.  We performed and presented a Masterclass at the Malay University where we were greeted and hosted by several of the students who graciously gave us a standing ovation after our performance AND little gifts to take home, too!

Viviana & Mahani Kuala Lumpur Recital Poster

Flute Masterclass at the Malaya University sponsored by Altus Flutes