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30 December 2012

Playing at Orphanage in Bali

After performing in 120 countries across the globe, I have decided that Bali is one of my favorite.  And this is why I decided that this is where I would spend my Honeymoon with my beloved.  Bali is a wonderful mix of Hindu and Buddhist religions.  They also have a wonderful abundance of artisans.  Spirituality and Ceremony are very important components in their culture.  I believe it is all these things that make for it’s people to  have beautiful smiles and as shared by other Asian nations, they always come from a place of gratitude and respect.  We spent a few days in Ubud and a few days on the North coast.  Towards the end of our stay I presented a Music Show for the Dorothy O’Shea Orphanage in Denpasar.  This became the highlight of our stay.  To see the joy of the faces of these youngsters, the commitment level of the staff and volunteers, some of the children even played piano!  It was a profound and deeply moving and gratifying experience which only inspired me to continue my work in presenting music in other orphanages around the world.