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26 December 2016

NFA 2016

The National Flute Association convention is always very busy for me as I tend to over-extend myself as well as finding a need for extreme time management.  As the NFA Public RelationsChair, this year I brought in the San Diego Tribune and NBC TV to cover the convention.  I interviewed Denis Bouriakov and Leonard Garrison.  I also performed alongside Alice K. Dade and Fluterscooter as part of the Flutes by the Sea Trio, which originated out of my Flutes by the Sea Masterclasses held with those two great flutists in Half Moon Bay each June or July.  I decided to stay “off campus” for NFA at an oceanfront Airbnb, which turned out to be the best decision ever.  As I can’t stay too far from my beloved ocean, it was such a treat for me to be able to leave the flutes to tend to my ocean.  The best part was finding that amazing vegan restaurant, Plant Power, on the way “home”.  I ended up eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there every day…. it was THAT good.  The NFA itself each year brings home to me just how good the level of flute playing in the United States has become, with each year’s performances by new young talent surpassing the last.

Watch FOX 5 News report on this year’s NFA:


Watch our Impromptu Concert at Ocean Beach in San Diego:





Viviana & Flutes by the Sea Trio