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26 December 2016

Whale Tale

Whale & Viviana GuzmanClose Encounters of the Cetacean Kind

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about the most EPIC EVENT of my life!  How many of us visit a Humpback Whale as closely or as often as I have?  How many whales get serenaded by a flutist?  How many flutists get close to a million views on YouTube?!

This once in a lifetime event (for the whale, of course) lead to all sorts of interviews and global media attention including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, LA Times, NY Post, Australian TV, Japan TV, German TV, Chilean TV…. it was unbelievable to witness how the media took off and ran with my story.  Basically I posted the video before flying to Chile.  I woke up, and all my inboxes were exploding with requests to air the video.  I discovered some in boxes I didn’t even know I had!!

I feel like my whale came, kissed and blessed me and went on it’s merry way.  I was left astounded and on Cloud Nine for months afterwards.  What an amazing encounter!  Not only do I absolutely ADORE swimming in the ocean, but I feel so blessed every time life brings me into a pod of dolphins, or when the seals say hello, or I hear the sweet porpoises breathe from my paddle board.  These are the gifts in life that I treasure the most.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to witness such precious moments.  Symbolic of that which cannot be easily vanquished, my Whale Tale inspired me to attend the American Cetacean Society Conference in Monterey.  It was there that I learned about the dreadful plight of the severely endangered Vaquitas in Mexico.  There are only 66 of these gentle souls left on our planet.  I’m afraid they face the terrible fate of extinction very soon.  Their story has inspired me to see if there is anything I can do during my tour through Mexico as I’ll be in Cabo in February.  In the meantime, I have been recording tracks for my next CD with the precious sounds of our sea faring neighbors…. stay tuned!

Watch the encounter here:



Viviana Guzman NY Post

CNN & Viviana Guzman