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27 December 2016


Nicaragua – you are on my list!

Next on my agenda was visiting my 126th country, Nicaragua!  Scoring a new country is always exciting to me.  And best of all, when I get to fly FIRST CLASS!!  What a treat!  I had wanted to come up with a travel video blog, so I filmed loads of footage.  But in the end, I made it into a short one minute clip (posted on Facebook) that doesn’t do this under-visited country justice.  The speeded-up footage of my drive through the country unfortunately isn’t that far off from how I experienced it, but I did enjoy what I saw and the place I stayed for my short time there.  One thing I find interesting is that each of the Latin American countries have their own unique accented Spanish; I’m pretty good at picking out an Argentine or Chilean speaker from someone from Mexico or Spain itself.  But it’s always nice for me to be (mostly) understood in each of the Spanish speaking countries, although there are always a few words that remind you of your foreigner status, just as a U.S. traveller will be surprised when they ask for “pop” in a town where it’s just “soda.”  Luckily, or unluckily for those dieting, most of the Latin American countries have their own versions of the delicious empanada. Like the various countries of the world, the differences make life exciting and travel worth doing.

Viviana in Nicaragua