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Pacifica Tribune

“Technical dexterity, charismatic virtuosity, a concert by flutist Guzman cannot so much be defined as a concert for the ears, but more so as a symphony for the heart.”

Beverly Hills Outlook

“Viviana Guzmán gave a stellar performance not only aweing the crowd with her sublime musical talent, but also with the sensitivity and mastery in which she expressed the beauty of so many diverse cultures from around the world.”

San Jose Metro

“Viviana Guzmán delivered a voluptuous performance for the San Jose Chamber Orchestra.”

Bay Area Reporter

“Guzmán improvised freely and very poetically.”

El Mercurio, Santiago Chile

“An extraordinary technique and great musicality … Viviana Guzmán showed remarkable precision.”

The Stanford Daily

“The ‘Music of Passion: from Tango to Flamenco’ was a stellar performance. Viviana Guzman is a rare talent. She needs to be heard.”

New York Times

``Ms. Guzman is an imaginative artist and for all her adventurous originality, she never lost sight of the most crucial element of all in programming and performance: taste.”

Ft. Worth Star Telegram

``The true star of the show was Guzman... an engaging command of any flutelike instrument in the known world. The native Chilean was dazzling.”

San Francisco Chronicle

``Whether expressing herself in poems, dance, or with her flute, Viviana Guzman's evocative, relatable lyricism rings true.``

San Mateo Times

``Guzman may be the first flutist since her teachers, Jean-Pierre Rampal and James Galway, to be able to establish a sustaining solo career.``

Sydney Pollack

``A very gifted artist; I am enjoying your album very much.``

Kate Winslet

``I LOVE your music, it's truly beautiful!``

Monterey Herald

``Guzman's performance was a virtuoso tour de force, executed with the most extraordinary ease.``

The Stanford Daily

``The 'Music of Passion: from Tango to Flamenco`` was a stellar performance. Viviana Guzman is a rare talent. She needs to be heard.``