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  • +1 847 337-0929
  • www.amandamajeski.com

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Remote Sessions


As I have a collection of over 100 flutes that I have gathered from my tours to 127 countries, more and more composers are asking me to do remote sessions. If I am not on tour, my turn around an be very quick. Send me your WAV files with written part or for me to compose. I also play piano, keys and accordion which can also be added to your project. Send me an email to get your project started!

Flutes of the World

Click here to see my TEDxMarket Street presentation where I demonstrate the Native American Indian Flute, the Gemshorn, the Sopranino Recorder.

Ethnic Flutes Galore

Ethnic flutes including Ditze, Bansuri, Ocarina, Sikus, Morceña, Kena, Shakuhachi, Ney, Kaval, Fujara, Native American Flute, Suling, Tin Whistle, Fife, and MORE! Click on the link above to listen to samples of flutes from my collection.

Ethnic Flutes From Around the World

I have indigenous flutes from Bali, Philippines, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Hungary, Japan, China, Vietnam, Nepal, etc. Click above to listen to the different flutes.

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“The ‘Music of Passion: from Tango to Flamenco’ was a stellar performance. Viviana Guzman is a rare talent.  She needs to be heard.”

- The Stanford Daily